Broken Wrist 

(fractured distal radius)

A "fractured distal radius" is a break or crack of the bones of your forearm near your wrist.

Your forearm bones are made up of your Radius and Ulna. Most commonly, your radius is broken but often, both bones can be broken.

A fractured distal radius is most often sustained when falling over and landing heavily onto an outstretched hand.

In people with osteoporosis, these fractures can occur in minor falls, as osteoporosis is an condition with weakened bones.

It's important to treat a broken wrist or broken hand as soon as possible. Otherwise, the bones may not heal in proper alignment, which can affect your ability to perform everyday activities, such as holding a pen or buttoning a shirt.

Early treatment by your doctor will also help reduce your pain and stiffness.

distal radius fracture
20 November, 2010